Walnut River Showdown Get Ready for 2018!
Walnut River ShowdownGet Ready for 2018!

Walnut River Showdown



Send Pre-entries by April 25th

Butler County Youth Livestock Boosters Foundation

P.O. Box 312 Benton, Kansas 67017


(Please Print)                               One Exhibitor per form


Exhibitor Name:_____________________________________________________Age:___________________________

Phone: _____________________________________Email:____________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________________

          Street                                                                                City                                                                 Zip


Please note:


Starting in 2015,  steers will be classified as Continental, British or Crossbred


Continental breeds includes: charolais/composite, simmental, limousin,

maine-anjou,  chi, gelbvieh

British breeds includes:         angus, red angus, hereford, shorthorn, shorthorn plus


Breeding Heifers

 Breed (Be Specific)       Date of Birth      Tattoo/Tag #           Registration # 






Market Steers or Heifers

 Steer/Heifer                 Breed (Be Specific)          Tag #    






Showmanship?      Yes_________ No__________

Entry fee must accompany form -- No refunds on entries
Make checks payable to BCYLBF
Butler county entry fee $10 (per head)
Out of County Entry Fee $20 (per head)
Show Day Entry additional $5 (per head)

In consideration of exhibitor being permitted by Butler County Youth Livestock Boosters Foundation to participate in Walnut River Showdown Livestock Show on May 2, 2015; I agree to release, indemnify, discharge and hold harmless Butler County Youth Livestock Boosters Foundation, its agents, members, directors, officers, volunteers, participants and all other persons or entities acting on their behalf, including the Butler County Fair Board, from any and all claims, demands, causes of action, damages and costs which are brought by, or on behalf of the participant, and which are in any way connected with the participation in the  Walnut River Showdown Livestock Show on May 2, 2015.

Participant: ________________________________________                                                                                                                                             

Parent or Guardian: _________________________________  (if participant under age 18)                                                                                        

Print Name: ___________________________________________________ 
Date: ___________    



  1. Invitation is open to all Kansas 4-H, FFA, and Breed Associations State wide that are not over 19 years of age as of January 1, 2015.
  2. Pre-registration by April 24. Entry fee for all Butler county exhibitors is $10 and out of county is $20 per animal. No refunds.
  3.  Barn will be open at 7:00 PM on Friday May 1 for early arrivals but arrangements must be made previous to arrival. All cattle arriving the previous evening must be stalled inside fenced area.  Contact Ron McCune at 316-706-3509 for arrangements.
  4.  Exhibitors must provide and cleanup bedding material. All stalls or fitting areas to be cleaned up before exhibitor leaves grounds.
  5. The Butler County Youth Livestock Booster Foundation and the Butler County Fair Association shall not be held responsible or assume any responsibility for injuries, loss, or theft for persons who attend or participate in the show.
  6. Check in starts at 7:00 am. All exhibitors must be checked in and weighed by 9:15 am on Saturday, May 2, 2014 at the registration tables.  Market heifers shown by weight only, registration papers & tattoos are required to show as purebred heifers, No exceptions.
  7. All breeding heifers will be separated by breed then age. Market steers shown by breed and weight. 
  8. Wash rack and electricity provided, but generators encouraged. Generators are not allowed near show ring.
  9. No limit on number of entries per exhibitor.
  10. Judges decision will be final.
  11. Cattle must be manageable, be haltered and on a lead rope to be eligible to weigh and show. 3 strike rule, if exhibitor loses control of animal in show ring, after 3rd time exhibitor will be excused from show.
  12. Market animals must have a tag or be tattooed with registration to show breeding beef & market beef classes.
  13. Show committee will select classes the day of show, post registration.
  14. Butler County Youth Livestock Booster Foundation reserves the right to make determinations on questions that are not listed in the rules. Their determination is final.
  15. There will be a separate class for BUTLER COUNTY exhibitors at the end of the show.  Butler County members may show ONLY one steer and one heifer in the in-county show.



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